Monday, June 20, 2011

Working on The Commedia Aladdin

Contributed by Michelle LeRoy, Director, The Commedia Aladdin by Lane Riosely

We had our first read through of the script. I can honestly say that I'm even more excited to get this process started. Not only were the auditions for this show the most fun I have ever had but the cast is great together. Casey is such a charmer. He's going to make you want Arlequin to win. David's Punchin playing the Momma cracks me up every time. Heidi is just so adorable, sorry Heidi but you are, and funny and Jillian's timing is brilliant. I can't wait to get to rehearsals. As I told my cast my mentor and inspiration for being in this business is Jim Henson. So for this show I cast each of the characters as both a Muppet show and Sesame Street character to use as a inspiration for me. I won't tell you who they are you'll just have to see if you can guess after watching the show.

Contributed by Emily Pierce, Stage Manager, The Commedia Aladdin by Lane Riosley

My name is Emily Pierce and I had the honor of stage managing for Water Works' 2010 production of Two Gentlemen of Verona & I will be stage managing the 2011 production of Commedia Aladdin. It is a wonderful organization to get involved with as the people involved are creative & passionate people who come from a variety of backgrounds. There is a lot to be learned from everyone involved and the group comes together much like a family. The audience is very loyal and many tend to brave the elements to see & support the productions.

Stagemanaging at Water Works is a unique experience. The rehearsals are fairly standard with taking blocking notes and making sure the production team knows about anything new that is needed or potential issues. The true challenge comes when the cast & crew move to the park. Anything can happen; from bad weather, random frisbees flying in, train going by, to critters and kids who try to investigate what is going on. Each night all props, microphones, costumes, sound & light boards need to be accounted for and locked away and the set tarped to protect them from the elements. It is a true test of time management, planning, & organization (occasionally being good at Tetris helps too). I love the excitement that comes with outdoor theatre and I think it is a great way to spend an afternoon/evening.

We both can't wait for you to experience our shows this season! See you soon!