Thursday, July 10, 2014

KidsAct makes my Summer Magical


Contributed by: Grace K -  KidsAct! camper who is ready for her eighth year of fun at the park.

Kids Act is the reason I love summer. Ever since I can remember, I was there at Starr Jaycee park sword fighting, dancing, reciting Shakespeare, and so much more. I started KidsAct at six years old knowing absolutely no one. I was shy and scared, but the instructors and campers welcomed me with open arms. They love every single one of their campers and are so excited that you have joined them. Over the past seven years, I have made good friends and I have found some great role models to look up to. I have learned many sword fighting and combat moves (and not gotten hurt while doing it). I have learned how to dance to songs like  “Bad” and “Telephone”. I have learned how to think on the spot and make people laugh with improv. And I learned what Shakespeare actually is talking about! I even started going to the shows at night under the stars with my mom. Most of all though, I made memories that will last me a lifetime. Kids Act has made my summers in August magical and I hope it does the same for you!

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